Message Actuator: Property

  • Message Actuator Menu
Message Actuator: Property
  • Sends a message to a Message Sensor(s)
  • The message sent will be the value of the selected Property
  • Name of the game object to send the message to
  • Leave blank to send the message to all Game Objects
  • A game object has to have a message sensor to receive a message
  • Message will only be sent to Message Sensors searching for this subject
  • Leave blank to sent to all Message Sensors that aren't searching for a subject
  • Property
Property Name:
  • The name of the Property whose value will be sent to the message sensor
  • Property name is HealthPack
  • HealthPack is an integer property with a value of 25
  • The integer 25 will be sent to the message sensor
  • Property must be on the same game object as the Message Actuator
  • The type of Actuator
  • Actuator name
  • Enabled: 
    • Always display the Actuator
  • Disabled: 
    • Only display when the State Mask group the Actuator is linked to is being displayed
  • Enabled:
    • Actuator is turned on
  • Disabled:
    • Actuator is turned off
  • Actuators can be connected to more than one controller
  • Actuators connected to a controller(s) belong to the same State Mask group(s) as the controller(s)