Parent Actuator: Remove Parent

Scene: Remove Parent
  • Removes the parent game object
  • Child Object:
    • A game object that is parented to another game object
    • A child object inherits all of the constraints and attributes that belong to the parent object
  • Parent Object:
    • A game object that has another game object parented to it
  • The type of Actuator
  • Actuator name
  • Enabled: 
    • Always display the Actuator
  • Disabled: 
    • Only display when the State Mask group the Actuator is linked to is being displayed
  • Enabled:
    • Actuator is turned on
  • Disabled:
    • Actuator is turned off
  • Actuators can be connected to more than one controller
  • Actuators connected to a controller(s) belong to the same State Mask group(s) as the controller(s)